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Why choose MLC?

Over the decades, MLC has evolved into a company that understands its clients' needs and concerns, involves itself proactively in solutions and remains approachable as a team member. We consistently control costs, limit risk, and add value for our clients.

Over 7 decades of client satisfaction.
We have over 7 decades of experience. Our systems are the result of thousands of hours of client interaction.

Every one of our 19 directors is part of the team.
One of our 19 directors will be personally involved in your project. You’ll find at your disposal the type of executive who is driven by the same passion for business that you are and has decades of experience in your domain.

We maintain a tradition of integrity by delivering unbiased evaluations based on recognised standards and accepted procedures. We provide an honest and concise analysis of your project, from take-off to final accounts.

User friendly, unambiguous, and concise reporting.
You’ll find our reports to be of a high calibre that give you exactly the information you need to make sound decisions.

Spirit is factored in
We strongly believe that a professional team with good spirit will optimise the available resources for the ultimate benefit of our clients. We contribute to that team, as well as providing a positive influence to your project as a whole.

Proactive approach.
We take a "hands on" and proactive approach and interact closely with your team. You’ll be able to rely on our immediately available expertise and knowledge early on in the development process.

Global access. Localised insight
Our localised teams are well versed in the macroeconomic conditions of your project locale. We’ll provide you with insight into the factors that can influence the outcome of your development.

We’re driven by quality.
We employ continuous quality checks against our business and individual projects to make sure they conform to acceptable quality standards

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