Although comprehensive, our list of services does not define nor limit what we do. In our quest to realise and exceed our clients’ expectations in terms of both time and budget, we go beyond the scope of typical construction cost consulting and quantity surveying services. We protect our clients’ interests by proactively researching and anticipating industry challenges, identifying, and managing risks, exploring, and optimising opportunities and accurately forecasting costs that deliver success.

Contract Administration

To ensure effective cost control during a construction project, MLC offers a comprehensive range of pre- and post-contract services tailored to the specific project needs of our clients.

These include:

  • Cost budgeting and estimating for contract preparation
  • Negotiating costs and terms of contract
  • Drafting of performance-based contract terms
  • Contract administration and management
  • Monitoring and reporting on performance and financial indicators in contract including financial statements
  • Structuring agreement of final account linked to contract
  • Coordinating, advising and structuring of consultant appointments

MLC also undertake strict financial control of payments through our integrated PPS systems.

Cost & Commercial Management

MLC is committed to providing our clients with effective cost management services that are accountable to the project budget and that maximise our clients’ return on investment.

Our vast experience and depth of market intelligence as well as our methodologies and cost models have been proven over more than eight decades.

Our contractual management services cover client representation, engineering services for projects, consultant appointments and professional fee management.

Cost Planning

Cost planning and estimation is key to a project’s success. For each project, MLC will prepare a cost management control document which is designed to establish cost-effective ways to realise a project’s desired outcomes in terms of timeline and budget throughout all phases of the project’s lifecycle.

In preparation of this document, MLC will do an estimation of costs, conduct comparative cost studies, look for cost-effective solutions and materials, assess risk factors and advise on selection of companies tendering to participate in the project.

Once established, MLC will collaborate with all project team members, architects, engineers, builders, suppliers, designers, consultants etc. to agree-upon and sign-off on the document, thereby keeping the team accountable to the approved project budget.

Masterplan Feasibilities

Unique to each project, a masterplan outlines the long-term strategy based on a comprehensive understanding of the circumstances of that project. This includes feasibility studies of the site conditions, zoning, planning, entitlements, issues relating to green-building, environmental impact, and sustainability as well as a thorough risk assessment, quantification of costs and cost/benefit analysis.

MLC has developed integrated models to establish complex masterplan feasibilities.


From the procurement strategy and awarding of contracts to procurement process implementation and management, MLC offers procurement solutions that are instrumental in the successful delivery of a project.

We set up supply chain strategies and partnerships based on contracts that outline efficiencies, governance and cost management criteria to mitigate risk.

In addition to procurement services in building projects, MLC offers procurement of FF&E and OS&E.

Reinstatement Valuations

MLC has a broad knowledge of markets and current construction costs, as well as data analysis of projects which enables us to produce accurate reinstatement valuations for clients.

Viability Analysis

MLC has extensive experience in various viability models including:

  • Masterplan modelling,
  • Township development and
  • Commercial viabilities.

Our viability analyses give our clients the required information to look at all potential scenarios, consider alternative design options and make sound decisions.

Auditing, Insurance & Claims Management

To ensure successful delivery of our clients’ projects, MLC constantly focuses on risk mitigation strategies to keep projects on budget; from thorough pre-project analysis to identifying any possible risks to management strategies that continually look for cost-saving opportunities.

This auditing process includes monitoring of contract requirements and financial accounts, and inspection and management of contractor claims under their insurance policies.

MLC has also been extensively involved in insurance re-instatement procedures, cost evaluations and re-instatement execution.

Cost Management of Infrastructure & Engineering Services Contracts

The MLC land, township, and infrastructure cost management models and methodologies have proven to be thorough, robust, and successful on a myriad of projects over 80 plus years.

Having worked extensively with engineering companies on various civil and infrastructure projects, our experienced specialist teams can prepare engineering contractual documentation, undertake cost evaluations, and advise on engineering cost related aspects. Post contract services include tracking performance including reviewing work-in-progress payment valuations, preparation of financial statements, negotiation of price variations, and settlements of final accounts.